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​magic hour

The color shape of light and structure.


Magic hour is a shooting term that refers to a twilight time zone of several tens of minutes before and after sunset, and immediately after sunset is a fantastic and beautiful light time.

This work was made by processing a metal called bismuth (rare metal).

The color that seems to be brightly colored is also born from the crystal characteristics of this metal.

Size: W350 x D50 x H350
Material: Bismuth Silver
Technique: Metal casting, forging, alchemy

Art sento + CAFE Miyanoyu2020 7/9 (Friday) -8/7 (Friday) Exhibition work.

Overlapping the history and meaning of a public bath fireplace (a kiln that heats hot water), we created three types of sacred treasures as motifs.


GALLERY ART POINT Vigor 2020 Exhibition Works 2020 | 2/17 ~ 2/22

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