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Re-recognition of the sky through ultraviolet rays and water vapor.

A floor made of a material that turns blue in response to ultraviolet rays. On top of that, the shadow turns white and turns into a cloud. The chair with water and air reflects the change of water vapor and the sky changes by playing. I made a work of a weather space where you can feel ultraviolet rays and water vapor with your body and play in the sky.

By visualizing phenomena using water vapor and ultraviolet rays that are invisible to our eyes, we can experience that what is visible is not everything from changes in color and water. I hope that you will be interested in the weather and the atmosphere by noticing the casual beauty of the sky and clouds from the change of colors and water.

Size: W3500 x D3500 x H1500
Material: Photochromic (ultraviolet reactive material), epoxy resin, acrylic resin, PVC sheet, water
Technique: PVC welding / resin coating
IMG_9179 2.JPG

It is blue under a clear blue sky. After cloudy weather and sunset, it turns white and changes every moment while reflecting the color of the sky like a mirror to reproduce the sky. The speed of the reaction of the color change also depends on the amount of ultraviolet rays in the day, it changes in about 2 to 3 seconds in the morning, and if you wait for about 10 seconds, it will remain white just by casting a shadow even if you do not touch it directly, and your eyes You can send shadows that everyone can see, which is not an optical illusion.


At the timing when the ultraviolet rays in the evening weaken, you will not be able to feel the color change unless you wait for about 10 to 20 seconds in the form of directly blocking the ultraviolet rays, but the white shadows will remain for a long time due to the weakening of the ultraviolet rays.

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