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A tool for cooking and re-recognizing meals through food measurement.

By multiplying the bamboo ruler and Takebashi, I would like to discover the possibility of a new tool that cannot be found in either of them, such as food that could not be measured as a ruler and how to use chopsticks as a new guide.

I hope that SASI will not only be used as a cooking and serving method by measuring food, but also as a tool that will expand your interest in ingredients and how to eat.

sasi .jpg
Size: W230 × D12 × H6
Material: Bamboo / lacquer technique: Machine engraving / lacquer

The scale is the actual size because it is engraved in the same way as a ruler using an engraving machine. The scale functions as a non-slip chopstick and is also excellent for practical use.

Black circles and red marks every 5 cm and 10 cm are also thoroughly reproduced using lacquer.

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