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​QL code

To everyone who picks up the leaves, reads the QR code and browses.


Hello, I am working as an artist / designer as a scientific artist. My name is Tara.

Thank you for reading this time, even though it is difficult to read the QR code.


This leaf is an experimental work to create a gateway to doubts and discoveries that are commonplace in everyday life.

As a kind of social experiment, I would like to say hello as an invitation to those who noticed this strange activity.

We hope that you will help us to expand our curiosity to notice this strange and miraculous daily life.


The aim of the initiative is to doubt the obvious and eliminate the obvious from the common sense of ta_rabo.

As many people as possible have questions by spreading the word to the brand concept, and to use those questions as a way of life and making new things.

We aim to be an opportunity to have a curiosity to connect.

It's a bit of a trivia.

It is said that the brand is originally derived from the act of branding the owner of the ranch to brand his own livestock and distinguishing it from the livestock of others.

By developing the brand according to the origin of such a brand, it will spread more and more to the fallen leaves that are falling all over the earth.​ I would be happy if I could inspire my curiosity.

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