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In the cultural event "Kwasan Observatory Special Open Day", a performance "Prelude of the Sun"

was presented. This was directed by Yuri Tanaka, and I was in charge of the installation for the stage,

in particular, space planning, design, and production.

Dimensions: W5700×D5700×H3500 (mm)
Materials: spectral sheet, steel pipe, water
Technique : pipe bending, slitting

​ Director: Yuri Tanaka
​ Production: Yoshifumi Tara
Video : Shinnosuke
Performer :Midori Ide
​played by Hajime Fukuda
Photo: show kato
Sponsored by: Wacom Co., Ltd. Connected Ink Village

The divided light shine like a rainbow with the wind. The surface of fluctuating water reflects the

sunlight and its rainbow colors. It functions as a mirror that captures wondrous nature and ourselves.

Through a large rainbow on the 3.5m sheet and the glittering reflection of the lights, it visualizes

the dual function of particles that behave like waves as well as particles simultaneously. I would be

grateful if you can find these interesting aspects.

This special material called spectral sheets, which transform the light into rainbow-like reflections

by dividing the spectrum of light, were assembled on the stainless steel pipes in thin rectangular cuts.

This form manifests an abstraction of flower petals.

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