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Tree of Life

​The number of varieties without seeds is increasing from the storefront.
Using the disappearing fruit seeds with the technique of specimen production, they were preserved in the form as they were sold in stores and made into the shape of mobiles.

By making it a transparent mobile, we have created a life that easily changes under the influence of the wind and light created by the movement of people.

Size: W300 x D250 x H400 (mm)
Material: Acrylic resin, Epoxy resin, Nylon, Seed technique: Resin casting, thermoforming, plastination
Size: W200 x D200 x H300 (mm)
Material: Acrylic resin, epoxy resin, nylon, seed
Technique: Resin casting, thermoforming, plastination

Seeds are the core of life,

Fruits that used to contain seeds until a few years ago are no longer seeded, and many of the fruits in stores are now being replaced by seedless ones.


Making seedless fruits is not only easy to eat and delicious, but it also hides our desire to transcend nature.


While humans have extinct other species of animals and plants, it can be said that they have created new species of life in a wide variety of ways, including livestock and pets, which are limited to fruits.


This work is a work that asks about the essence of diversification by incorporating the relationship between seeds that is disappearing by human hands into a swaying mobile.


The kind is existence to be able to be also known as nucleus of the life, but a kind disappears from the fruit that it was natural for a kind to enter until several years ago, and most of the fruit of the store are taking place of a seedless thing now.


It is easy to merely eat that I make fruit without the kind, and not only it is delicious, but also greed to want to transcend our nature may hide.


The human being thinks that it may be said even if the relation other kinds such as a domestic animal or the pet which let you limit to fruit while I have exterminated the animals and plants lasts for many divergences and created the life of the new kind.


This work drops the relationship of a kind and the kind disappearing by the hand of the person into the swinging mobile and is a work to ask it about about essence of the diversification.

Size: W600 x D500 x H700 (mm)
Material: Acrylic resin, epoxy resin, nylon, seed
Technique: Resin casting, thermoforming, plastination
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