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1/f Mirror
Size: W5700×D5700×H3500 (mm)
Material: Prism sheet (spectral sheet)
steel pipe
Technique: pipe bender, slit processing
Photo: show kato

All colors are created by combining the three primary colors of light, but sunlight shines white because it contains all colors.

In front of Kyoto University's Kanayama Observatory, which was built to observe sunspots, we created a stage related to the phenomenon of color and light.

Fluctuation Mirror uses a special sheet called a prism sheet (spectral sheet) that divides light into primary colors.

Light, which is a scientific property of light, is both a particle and a wave, receiving light and wind, and depending on the spectrum of light and fluctuations of the wind.

We have created a space that visualizes this property.


This work is related to the art event called Space and Culture Day, which is held on Culture Day every year.It was created as a collaboration work with dancers who belong to a group of performers called Connected Ink Village.

The steel frame that determines the overall shape of the observatory is a facility that mainly observes sunspots, so we created it with a flower motif as well as expressing dynamic movements such as solar flares and prominences.

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