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A temporary enclosure that separates the construction site from everyday life.

The pure white and temperamental wall feels like it works behind it and isolates the workers.

In this work, the wall surface is likened to the sky by taking advantage of the material called a cutting sheet that can be pasted and peeled off and the color of the white ground of the temporary enclosure.

By randomly peeling off the pattern based on the camouflage pattern, everyone who sees it can draw the sky of their choice in the temporary enclosure. Through the cutting sheet, on the other side of the temporary enclosure, regarding the changing cityIf you can get a chance to think about it. I designed it.

Size: W10,000 x H3000
Technique: Plotter cutting material: Vinyl chloride resin, 526, aqua blue

20thTime CS Design Award Student Division Silver Award Area Management Award Winning Works

Theme: "Temporary Enclosure" that connects people and Shibuya with a playful spirit

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