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Recognizing where you are from the perspective of your mobile phone.

Just as bees and birds naturally create surprisingly functional nests, what would a person look like if they were to create a comfortable nest with minimal materials and space? Inspired by the size of a capsule hotel and a spaceship, I made a tent that looks like a regular medicine.
We experimented with the shape of a house that can be temporarily built by being driven by sunlight or a small amount of battery.

Size: W900 x D2000 x H900
Material: Aluminum vapor deposition sheet, acrylic parts, nylon string, small fan, solar cell technique: Resin adhesion

Capsules as a minimal form that delivers the efficacy of the drug into the body.

From the capsule hotel as the smallest space where people can rest comfortably, we chose the capsule as the motif as the smallest space for people.

The aluminum vapor deposition film used is an ultra-thin material developed by NASA. As the name suggests, aluminum vapor deposition is a heat insulating material made by heating a thin sheet material such as polypropylene at a high temperature and spraying and fixing the evaporated aluminum. It is a high material.

Since it is a thin film material, it also has the property of transmitting light like a half mirror, and when it enters, it becomes a film-like tent that takes in wind and light and feels a sense of unity with nature.


It can be folded and weighs about 500g including the power supply.

The gold and silver surfaces have different properties for heat, and the gold surface absorbs heat. The grain surface reflects heat. The structure is such that the central fastener can be removed, and it is designed so that it can be used while adapting to weather conditions by changing the front and back.

バルーン セッティング.jpg
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