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​Sea bream flag

​General category: The Onahama International Environmental Arts Festival Executive Committee actually produced and exhibited it as a big catch flag for receiving the Excellence Award.


An entry for the Onahama International Tairyō-bata Art Competition, which is sponsored by Aquamarine Fukushima every year.

In designing a large fishing flag that is produced in the hope of catching a large catch on a fishing boat, we aimed to create a fresh large fishing flag with a cool feeling that contrasts with the image of a conventional large fishing flag that is as vibrant and vigorous as a military flag.

A photo of sea bream sashimi is cut out in the shape of a sea bream on the sea that spreads like a whole plate, and the same flag is being consciously and distanced from producers and consumers based on the concept of a dining table in the ocean. The design is to thank the benefits of marine products.

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