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Ani mineral 
Ani mineral
Size: W90 x D25 x H60 (mm)
Material: Crystal, glass, copper Technique: Lost wax

​ Crystal and glass are actually the same SiO2 (silicon dioxide) in the chemical formula.

Quartz is a mysterious material that can be called natural glass, and glass is an artificial crystal.

Human-made glass has a uniform beauty like water, and quartz has a beautiful natural crystal structure.
Animineral combines these two beautiful materials and melts them together to create the shape of an animal.


As the population grows, livestock, dogs and cats continue to grow, while all mammals continue to decline.
While biodiversity is being called for, the number of dog and cat breeds is increasing.

The shape of such an animal that lives between man-made and nature is made into separate materials that are born from the same composition of glass and crystal ​

I expressed a mysterious animal shape while layering.

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