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​Rocky sky

A sculpture that imitates the sky and rocks, with the property of UV-reactive materials changing from white to blue as if it were the sky.

I hope that you will feel closer to the sky, which you only care about whether it will rain or not, even though you see it every day, and you will find the blue color interesting.

I made it with the motif of Iwakura (Iwakura faith: Ko-Shintō faith for rocks) scattered around Mt. Rokko, Hyogo prefecture.

One of them, Benteniwa, had a belief in begging for rain.

In the rain-making ritual, a shark's dorsal fin is cut on the rock, the blood is attached to the rock, and the water god is angry to make it rain. I chose rock as a motif to connect people and the sky because I often do it toward the sky in * Banza * and worship.

Size: W3600 x D1200 x H3200
Material: Styrene (Styrofoam), epoxy resin, photochromic (ultraviolet reactive material)
Technique: Fusing / painting Exhibition place:​ Rokkosan Visitor Center (Monument Stand) Rokko Meet Tour Art Walk 2020 Exhibit Photo: TOSHIYUKI HIRAMATSU

"It looks like big ice for children."

The shape is said to be, but from the legend of Benten-iwa and rain-making, the dorsal fin of a shark (the actual size of the largest shark, Carcharocles megalodon, which is said to be extinct) was created.

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