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Horseshoe crab

Recognizing everyday clothes and life from the history of living things and bags.

By contrasting the shape of the horseshoe crab with the fresh texture of goat leather, we created a tool that feels the life that is being lost.

The motif of horseshoe crab is a living fossil that has not changed its appearance since the Paleozoic era and still inhabits, so I felt that it was the origin of living things. The color, texture, size and weight of the bag have been reproduced to create a bag that can be used in everyday life.

Dedicated to faithfully reproducing the sophisticated shape of horseshoe crab, while performing three-dimensional molding like a school bag, the back side is a laser cutterBy quenching, we have improved the functionality of the bag and challenged a new expression method.

Size: W300 x D600 x H100
Material: Leather (goat)
Technique: 3D molding / sewing
​ Model: Horseshoe crab (Japanese species) Female adult

The bag has a shoulder strap attached so that it can be carried on either the top or bottom of the shell.

The upper part of the shell opens and closes with a fastener,

A pen can be inserted at the base of the tail. There are two inner pockets inside the bag, which is designed to store a wallet or notebook.

If it is about the size of a 500mlt PET bottle, the shape of the shell will not be distorted.


​Comparison of actual live horseshoe crabs (left) and horseshoe crabs (right)

Kasaoka City Kabutogani Museum

The world's only horseshoe crab-themed museum overlooking the Kamishima Suido, a nationally designated natural monument "horseshoe crab breeding ground". The building has a shape that reproduces the horseshoe crab.

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